12V USB QC2.0 DC cable. 1m

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12V USB QC2.0 power cable.  Allows USB power banks and chargers with QC ports to be used as an alternative to NP1 batteries.  Look for "USB QC" power banks or chargers.

This cable must be plugged into QC2.0 (or higher) USB charge ports, otherwise it will only supply 5V.  These are found on some power banks and USB chargers (not hubs).

It has a chip inside which asks the charger for a higher voltage.  If the charger can't talk 'QC2.0' it won't be available. The spec allows up to 36W of power.

This will not provide USB power from 12VDC- plugging it in this way may damage the USB device. Reverse polarity protection will be added to all re-terminated cables.

Please allow additional time if Hirose/XLR/TA4 termination is required.  Cost covers the connector, labour, VAT and additional postage