Dual 100W USB Step Down charger with DC inputs, USB QC and USB-C PD support

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This is a USB charger with a DC input, you can run it off batteries or an external power supply (including USB-C power supplies, for example for laptops).

It will talk USB QC and USB-PD, however it will only use voltages lower than than the input voltage.  If given a 12V input this will work at full power for USB QC, however you won't be able to charge a laptop at full speed with it - this will need at least 20V.  If you need to step up the voltage, there is a single variant which can do this.

It's got an aluminium case and 2 pairs of USB-A QC and USB-C PD ports. 

Each pair of USB-A and USB-C ports can only provide higher power to one output at once, if both are plugged in, the output will be 5V.  A red light indicates that a higher voltage is being used on that port.

It can deliver up to 100W on each USB-C PD port: with an input voltage over 20V, it's possible to charge 2 laptops at full rate.

This can allow USB ISDT AA battery chargers to run at full power.  USB Splitter cables are available to allow multiple chargers to run from a single port.  4 chargers per port should be sustainable at full power

Dimensions: 83mm x 45mm x 18mm

Inputs: 2.1mm DC barrel 3.7-30V centre positive, USB-C PD
Outputs: 2x USB-A supporting QC2.0, QC3.0, android and apple 5V 2.4A fast charge
2x USB-C PD ports supporting PD3.0, PPS and QC4+