USB-C DC Power cable 1m

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USB-C Power Delivery DC cable. 1m.  Run your kit from USB-C PD power banks and laptop chargers as an alternative to NP1 or similar batteries.  Look for "USB-C PD" Power banks or chargers for examples.

These have a chip in asking for a specific voltage from USB-C PD devices.  Please check your device to see which voltages it can supply. 
For example, Apple chargers will not supply 12V, but will supply 20V, 15V, 9V and 5V. 

Unless this is to power a specific piece of equipment, 15V is the recommended cable (12V is not that commonly used).  NP1s will output up to 17V when fully charged, so any equipment which will work on an unregulated power distributor will be happy with this. 

If the USB-C PD voltage is not available, the closest lower voltage available will be used: For example- if a 12V cable is used and there isn't 12V available, it will receive 9V.

Power is dependent upon the source, but up to 5A can be run at 15V = 75W.  This is enough to power a lot of equipment, if the charger or powerbank can handle it.

These will not supply power to USB-C devices according to specifications and may damage equipment if plugged so that power is running to the USB-C device.  Reverse polarity protection will be added to all re-terminated cables.

Please allow additional time if Hirose/XLR/TA4 termination is required.  Cost covers the connector, labour, VAT and additional postage.